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Write a Thank You Note

When someone does something nice for you, return their generosity with a pleasant thank you note to let them know you appreciated their kindness.  In this day of technology many people will send emails or text messages. Be different! Think about sending an old fashioned snail-mail type of thank you note. Dig out your stamps and address book and send a note in the mail!  It will be an added delight for your friend or family member to get physical mail.


When you send a physical letter through the post office, you are showing your loved ones that they really matter to you. Mailing something takes extra effort, you have to spend more time and money on them for the letter to make it. Your friends and family will be delighted.

Step It Up:

You could send a little something along with the note--maybe a picture of you and your family or their favorite cookies or bread.  Make it a care package saying "thank you."  Personalize it for the recipient. If you are thanking them for a cute outfit they sent your newborn, take a picture of your baby in the outfit and send it along with the note.  Or if you are thanking someone for a thoughtful birthday gift, refer to the gift directly. Let them know how you are using the gift or how it made you feel to receive it. If someone did something a little more extravagant for you (they sent you on a cruise, helped you purchase a car, etc.) then you could be more extravagant in the way you thank them--perhaps send some chocolates or flowers along with your thank you note. Or if someone stayed late to help you at the office, bring a note in the next day with some homemade cookies to tell them "thank you."

Keep It Simple:

Though not as personal, a thank you email, text message, or even phone call is a great quick way to let someone know that you really appreciate all they did for you. If you do decide to send an email, take a minute to look into e-cards. There are free ones available and they can be really fun and meaningful; more so than just an email. Regardless of how you say it, just be sure to say thank you!

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