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Wheel Out Your Neighbor's Trash Bin
Help out your neighbors when they forget trash day

We all get caught up in the busyness of our everyday lives, but it's always nice to know your neighbors are willing to offer a helping hand when you forget to wheel your trashcan out for pickup. This RAK is easy, free & takes about five minutes to complete... show some kindness to your neighbors by doing this simple favor. 


NOVEMBER 19, 2019
go to see my elderly neighbors on Sunday, with cupcakes, ask if they have garbage, and take it out and their cans to the curb and take them in the next day...stopping by with cupcakes is a great ice breaker and gets them talking, about how things are and if they have any other needs, like a ride to shop or to the doctor... I also know they are okay since they do not get support services on weekend...

JULY 17, 2019
When I lived in an apartment, I saved 18 of 13 gallon bags of recycles for a couple I knew who were glad to get them from me, I was glad I saved the recycles for them, she was a kindergarten teacher and just as sweet as could be!

MAY 9, 2019
Or wheel them back in once they are empty! Especially on a windy day!!

MARCH 25, 2019
Started this a while ago and now it's being reciprocated!

FEBRUARY 18, 2019

FEBRUARY 16, 2019
As a local disabled person, I especially love this... and love seeing it in action! It's even wonderful to randomly see the Public Service worker even go above and beyond by getting out of their truck to wheel the rubbish bin back up my driveway! This kindness is absolutely heartwarming!

DECEMBER 10, 2018
I love this. I also like to help wheel it back to the house later in the day.

OCTOBER 4, 2018
Love this idea. I work in a school for pupils with learning difficulties. we are going to try doing this for our elderly neighbours

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