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Send a Handmade Card to Someone

Sometimes the simplest gift will also be the most treasured one.

Anyone can pick out a generic card from the grocery store and send it to someone. But only the personal touch of a homemade card and the effort you put into it will show the receiver how much they truly mean to you. The best thing about this kind act is that everyone can participate. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are or whether you’re a crafting superstar or the not-so-artsy type, your friends will be overjoyed to see how much time and effort you put into making the perfect card for them!


Going out of your way to make something handmade is always a kind gesture that is sure to make a friend, relative, spouse or whoever receives the card feel extra special.

Step It Up

Rather than buying a boxed set of identical cards, every holiday season set aside a day or two to devote to making cards for everyone you care about! Each carefully crafted card should indicate that it was made just for that person!

Keep It Simple

Next time you’re in the store looking for a birthday card for someone, head for the craft isle instead to buy card-making supplies! Paper, glue, stickers, markers…whatever materials will help you make the perfect card.

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