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Make a Positive Comment on a Website or Blog

Let someone know how they helped or inspired you with their website or blog. Praise them for their work by leaving a kind comment. So often we are willing to leave a comment if something upsets us; start thinking positively! The next time you read something that really encourages or motivates you, let them know!


Everyone appreciates feedback! When you go out of your way to let someone know what they wrote or shared inspired you, chances are you will make their day!

Step It Up:

It is easy enough to simply comment on something as you read it, letting the person know you appreciate them. Step it up and take the time to leave a positive comment or review on the website of a store you recently shopped at or a restaurant you recently ate at. Nearly every company has a website these days; the next time you are out and about take note of exceptional customer service and write a positive review on line. Even mention the person who helped you by name if you are able to!

Keep It Simple:

If you don't read blogs or personal websites, this can be as simple as leaving a positive comment on someone's Facebook page or even just sending an encouraging email. What is nice about the blog comment though is that others are able to see your praise as well. If you decide to send an email, think about copying the person's peers, bosses, or loved ones too so that they can read the positive comments as well!

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