Kindness Ideas

Create Bookmarks
You could give them to the library, place them in books or hand them to readers

A simple reminder to be kind is sometimes all it takes to incite a kind act. Be creative with it! Cut cardstock into strips and decorate to your heart’s content with drawings, designs or your favorite quote.


FEBRUARY 18, 2022
I really love this idea - is there a template that I could download with the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation logo on?

FEBRUARY 18, 2022
I love love love this idea!!!!

NOVEMBER 30, 2021
I love this because you can write inspirational sayings on the book marks and decorate them as well. Great idea! Thank you!

JANUARY 26, 2021
I love these, it’s such a good way to teach kids kindness, where do I get these from?

JANUARY 23, 2021
I gave my kiddos teacher these to hand out in class!

NOVEMBER 14, 2020
I love too read so I’m gonna try and do this the next time I go too the library.

OCTOBER 16, 2020
We are planning on concentrating on Kindness this year, under the umbrella of our Character Education program. We will be handing out bookmarks as a reminder to always be kind!

JULY 23, 2020
Our Kindness Club used the RAK foundation bookmarks and put them in books in our school library.

APRIL 14, 2020
We did this in Kind Kids Camp and put them in the library on campus.

FEBRUARY 29, 2020
Love this!

MAY 3, 2018
Someone did this in my class and everybody loved it

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