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Make Someone Laugh

You’ve probably heard the saying laughter is the best medicine. Well, there's a lot of evidence that this saying is actually true!

It’s no coincidence that people who laugh more are happier. Bringing laughter to others can be a great joy to them, as well as yourself. Share a comic strip, a joke, or do whatever you can think of to make someone else laugh.


There are many physical and mental benefits to laughter. It can relieve tension and stress, boost your immune system, and improve your heart. A study from Vanderbilt University concluded that laughter can even burn calories!

Step It Up

Add “making someone laugh” to your to-do list every day. Go out of your way to make at least one person laugh every day.

  • Tickle them
  • Tease them
  • Tell a joke
  • Tell a story

Keep It Simple

When you notice someone around you is having a bad day, share a joke or do something funny to cheer them up and make them laugh.

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