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Share Inspirational Quotes

Have you ever been in a situation where you were unhappy or discouraged? Sometimes all it takes to be revived is a little encouragement from someone who recognizes that you need it, someone that can help you get away from whatever is bringing you down.

When you have a dream you don’t think you can reach, it’s easier to believe in yourself when someone else believes in you. You too can be a source of inspiration to those around you, by sharing little bits of encouragement with others wherever you go.


You'll never know the impact a single quote could have on a person. Hopefully, sharing inspiration will encourage your friends and family, as well as strangers, to remain optimistic and do their best in their daily lives.

Step It Up

Write down your favorite quotes on post-it notes and leave them around your office, on the bus, in a classroom or anywhere else you think someone will see it. You could even sneak them in a loved one's lunch bag on the way out the door in the morning. If you make it a mission to do this daily, or even weekly, you will surely have a positive impact on someone, whether or not you know it.

Keep It Simple

When you notice that someone you know is feeling kind of down, cheer them up by writing them a note with a quote that applies to them, helping them to regain the confidence and encouragement they need.

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