Kindness Ideas

Befriend The New Kid
We all know what it feels like to be in an unfamiliar place

Next time you hang out with your friends, invite them along. You could even just ask for their phone number and send them a nice text.


When we moved up to high school, we were given ten new kids, because our class size/lineup of kids hadn't changed much in the last decade. Our school community is tight, and often referred to by students as a 'family'. The new kids, all coming from various public schools, were very overwhelmed and anxious. One even told me "There is no way I thought I would fit in, you've all grown so close." So I befriended not one, but all of them. Most of them have made the transition well, except for some residual social anxiety/paranoia.
over 4 years ago

This can be so simple but feels so good when you get friends when you are new.
about 4 years ago

Being the new kid on the block is hard...let's welcome them and make them feel a part of the neighborhood.
almost 4 years ago

As we are doing online learning, being new is even tougher. Having a Kindness Club with ambassadors who make a conscious effort to include new arrivals, could make a real difference.
almost 2 years ago

You look really nice today are you new do you want to be friends ?
over 1 year ago