Kindness Ideas

Hold A Teddy Bear Drive
Then donate the bears to hospitals, police stations or fire departments for children in need

A cuddly friend could be a huge comfort to a scared child. Schools are filled with kids who have grown out of the need for stuffed animals. Part ways with a few of your furry friends and make an impact in another child’s life.


Each year during the holidays, I give a couple of cases of Teddy Bears to the local Police Officers. I call them "Lar's Bears", in honor of my late husband. The officers carry them in their cruisers to hand out to frightened children at accident scenes or when kiddos are present during domestic violence calls or other interactions involving young children. In times of stress, such a little thing can make the event less traumatic for the children.
over 4 years ago

I plan to organize Teddy Bear drive at my son's school, do I need to get any other permits besides from school? Thank you
over 2 years ago