Kindness Ideas

Buy Lemonade from a Stand
Make sure you let the kids know how delicious it is

This idea comes from the soft spot in my heart that remembers all those summer days I spent selling lemonade as a kid. A child’s entrepreneurial spirit should be rewarded. A quarter is all it takes to make a smile.  


I always stop for Lemonade, even if it's from a powder mix, the smiles are real.
over 3 years ago

I think this is great way to involve little ones to get into serving their community and teaching them about fun ways they can help fundraise to help a cause. :)
almost 4 years ago

And who can say NO to such cute faces... xo
about 3 years ago

about 3 years ago

I Will
almost 3 years ago

I will always do this as long as I can.
almost 3 years ago

Always! Our Grandson had a Fundraiser Lemonade stand to raise money for a Local Pet rescue.
over 1 year ago