Kindness Ideas

Make A Scrapbook
Create a home for your memories - then gift it to someone or keep it for yourself

A scrapbook doesn’t have to be expensive, cheesy or time-consuming. Think of it like an artful photo album. Sometimes, your photos need a place to live that isn’t in your phone. Plus, making scrapbooks is certain to make you more grateful and reflective.


I recently found a friend who is one of my families now. I feel like she is my sister or stepmother. She has a beautiful heart and supportive. Since 3 months ago she changed my life a lot. I decided to make a photo album for her birthday. I put 60 pictures with different beautiful quotes from the beginning of our common lives and also the story of her life which I proud of her. She loved her gift so much and cried happily. I wish everybody could make one of this gifts for their relatives or friends because they will achieve a great feeling at the end.
over 4 years ago

I'll be honest I've never made a scrapbook, but it sounds fun and easy to do maybe i'll give it as a gift.
over 2 years ago