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Help Someone Move

If you’ve ever moved, you probably know how tiring it can be. Do you know someone who is moving? Perhaps you have some good friends are moving to another city, or a close neighbor who is moving to a different community.

If you are attending a college or university, your friends probably move quite frequently. Lend a hand to a friend or neighbor who is moving and volunteer to help them pack or unpack.


Moving can be stressful, and exhausting! So by helping someone move, you’ll be removing a huge burden from their shoulders. Working together and helping out will give a chance to enhance and strengthen your friendship with that person, while getting to know them better.

Step It Up

Let it be known to your friends and family that you will always make time to help them pack, unpack or move when they could use the help. Then, follow through on your commitment. Go out of your way to offer your assistance to others who are moving, before they even ask. If you aren’t physically able to help them move, consider helping in other ways, like offering to watch someone’s kids while they move, or bringing them a meal.

Keep It Simple

If you’re a busy person, who might not have time to help people move every weekend. Why not assist those around you when you can. Perhaps you can offer to move someone’s bed if you have a larger vehicle. Or just spend a couple hours helping a friend out every now and then. Even the smallest amount of effort counts!

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