Kindness Ideas

Memories can re-create special moments.

Reach out to an old friend and reminisce about a time you both shared together. You could send them an old picture or even a text to say hello. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been - just let someone know you miss them!


Nothing better than sitting with a grandparent, sharing with them what memories of you together helped shape the grown up you came to be, seeing their eyes sparkle as they realise you remember and that they made a difference in your life.
over 4 years ago

The elderly love it and it really helps their minds stay alert.
over 3 years ago

I love to talk to my 99 year grandmother!
over 2 years ago

So important!
over 2 years ago

I participate in a "Memoristas" group of "senior" ladies who meet monthly to share our written memories on many subjects. It's very interesting to hear about so many experiences, feelings, etc.
over 2 years ago

I hope people write down the memories their elders share and their own memories. What a wonderful way to pass on the family history!
over 1 year ago