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Offer Someone a Piece of Gum

Even the smallest act of kindness can make a difference in someone’s day. And sometimes it’s the smallest gestures that have the greatest impact on someone. Whenever you help yourself to some gum, offer a piece to whoever is nearby you. Whether it be to a classmate you’re friends with, the stranger sitting next to you on the bus or the homeless man standing next to you as you’re waiting to cross the street, give him or her a smile as you hold out a piece of gum.


Your simple act of offering someone a stick of gum may truly make an impact on that person. What if your gesture is the only bit of kindness that person receives today? You might be the only person that notices him or her today, and he or she will definitely be grateful. It’s an easy thing you can do to spread kindness, but your attention will be valued.

Step It Up

Whenever you notice someone who seems lonely, offer them a stick of gum and a simple “hello.” It’s an effortless way to make someone smile, or even make a friend.

Keep It Simple

When someone offers you a piece of gum, accept with an enthusiastic “thank you” for their thoughtfulness. Being appreciative of other’s kind actions is a form of kindness in itself!

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