Kindness Ideas

Write Down Someone’s Best Qualities
This can truly make someone’s confidence soar

How would you feel if someone handed you a list of all the things they loved about you? Thats right, amazing! Make someone you care about feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


very beatiful idea
almost 5 years ago

This is a great idea.
almost 5 years ago

I love sending mail and I have been trying to write a mindfully grateful card each day to someone in my life who I am grateful for and tell them why.
over 3 years ago

Totally LOVED this idea. I just started with RAK & this is the first idea I'm implementing. God Bless! Thanks :)
over 4 years ago

Beautiful. My oldest son has an ADHD diagnosis. So often people focus on the negative behaviours. This will be lovely to do for him and have his 4yr old twin brothers contribute.
over 3 years ago

Love this idea!
about 4 years ago

I love it. This is not only boosting their confidence, but also my awareness of what I love about them.
about 4 years ago

This is a wonderful idea.
almost 4 years ago

wonderful idea
over 3 years ago

Thank you for this idea. I am going to start a little book for each grandchild recording their acts of kindness - e.g. how three year old touches 6 week old brother with care. Something for them to keep.
almost 3 years ago

Wonderful idea. I use a heart shaped paper and have students share one compliment about each of their classmates. The results are amazing! I then laminate and let students keep. When they are having a bad day, I tell them it's s good time to go back and read all of these wonderful thoughts.
over 2 years ago