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Pat Someone on the Back

A pat on the back can express a lot to a person. It can be a way to say hello to a friend, or a way to comfort someone who's had a bad day. But most often, it’s a way to congratulate someone for an achievement. Give someone recognition for something they have done with a pat on the back. A teammate who scored a goal, a friend who studied hard for a test. Let him or her know you’re proud of them!


Recognizing someone’s accomplishment or praising them for their efforts is a great way to encourage them to keep doing their best. Showing them you are proud of their accomplishments will also encourage them to take pride in themselves.

Step It Up

Offer encouragement to others whenever you can, whether it be giving someone a pat on the back, a high-five or simply sharing encouraging words with them.

Keep It Simple

Give a friend or teammate a friendly pat on the back, to acknowledge something they did well.

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