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Plant a Tree

Trees are important to the world we live in because they help control the climate, filter the air we breathe, protect us from weather and create a natural, beautiful environment. So planting a tree is a way you can give back to the environment –and your community! It’s a wonderful way to beautify the world around you!


The happiness of individuals can often depend on the beauty of the environment around them. Planting trees will help keep your community beautiful and happy. Our culture uses so much paper and paper products, it's important to plant trees to make up for the ones we have used.

Step It Up

Arbor Day is celebrated every year on the last Friday in April. Make it an opportunity for you to get together with your family or your neighbors and plant a tree in your community!

Keep It Simple

Don’t have time to plant a tree? You can have one planted in your name for just a dollar:

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