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Play a Sport with a Child or Teen

Playing sports or simply just getting exercise outdoors can be an important part of many kids' lives. But for many children, there isn't an adult figure to initiate this in their lives or someone who will teach them the skills necessary to play sports or other outdoor activities.

Take the time to play a sport with a child or team. Maybe there’s a child in your neighborhood whose parents work several jobs, or maybe it's your own child who you haven't made much time for. Making the time to play with a child will show him he is loved.


Studies have shown that kids and teens who are active in sports are not only happier and healthier, they also do better in school. Playing a sport with a child is a great way to encourage them to be outdoors and exercise, but as a parent, making time for your child is great way to strengthen your relationship and encourage communication.

Step It Up

If you have expertise or skills in a particular sport, offer to help train a child or teen who wants to be better at that sport but is struggling, or doesn’t know where to start. Make a commitment to that person and make sure you set time aside to help him or her.

Keep It Simple

You might not have the ability to play a sport with a child weekly, but you can still be an influence in that child’s life by spending time with him or her when you can.

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