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Praise Your Boss

Employees often get recognized for putting effort into their job. It is common for companies to offer employee of the month awards to improve employee morale and keep them happy, but how many companies do you know that recognize the hard work bosses put into their job? Why not try to boost your boss’s spirits by honoring him or her with a boss of the month award?


Many bosses work extremely hard, but rarely get praised for the work they do. Oftentimes they might have a more stressful or emotionally-demanding job than those below them, and they are the ones who could really use some positive feedback. And when a boss is in good spirits, chances are that happiness will carry over to those who work under him or her.

Step It Up

Buy a special card for your boss and ask all your coworkers to write one thing they appreciate about him or her. Or surprise your boss by throwing a “boss appreciation party” at your office.

Keep It Simple

If you have a boss who you don’t get along with, aim towards improving your relationship with him or her. One way you could do this is through acknowledging one positive thing he or she does every week and offering a word of praise.

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