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Rub a Loved One's Back

After a long day at work or tiresome load of homework or housework, being able to relax with another person is often the best thing that can relieve you. Just making contact with someone else can be relaxing, whether that is simply having a conversation with someone, giving them a hug, or even taking the time to rub their back.


When someone isn’t feeling well, doing small act of kindness to show your thoughtfulness and love will certainly help make them feel better. Ten or fifteen minutes out of your evening to rub someone’s back might not be much work for you, but it will be greatly appreciated by the person you are soothing.

Step It Up

Offer to scratch your spouse’s back after he or she has had a stressful day. Or rub your child’s back to help them sleep when he or she is feeling sick.

Keep It Simple

If you are the touchy-feely type, you can still show your love and appreciation by spending time with someone or helping them in another way.

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