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Praise a Parent for Their Child

There are few compliments more gratifying than when someone praises your child. Having someone tell you that your child has done something above and beyond is one of the best things a parent can hear. When the opportunity arises, compliment someone on the abilities or behavior of their child. It could be a friend or a stranger.


When you praise someone’s child, you’ll also be complimenting that person on their parenting, since they are the ones who put time and effort into raising their child. Being a parent isn’t always easy and a little affirmation that you’re doing a great job raising your kids can go a long way.

Step It Up

Go out of your way to let parents know when their children have done something worthy of praise. If you are a teacher, send home notes to parents, letting them know what he or she has accomplished or done well.

Keep It Simple

When you notice a child who well-behaved or who possesses an exceptional talent, compliment their parents if they happen to be around.

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