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Share Fresh Produce With Your Neighbors

Anyone who's every kept a garden has probably experienced having an abundance of a certain fruit or vegetable, like zuchinni. Oftentimes, we let this extra produce go to waste, when we could be sharing it with family, friends and neighbors.

Sharing fresh produce is a great way to do something both nice and helpful for others. Not only is fresh produce healthier and tastier than items purchased at the store, but you can save that person a trip to the market and provide them the opportunity to cook a healthy meal. Fresh produce from your garden also provides a great way for people to connect to the local community. Who knows, maybe you will inspire others to grow gardens in their yards too!


The great nutrients and extra vitamins found in locally-grown fruits and vegetables are good for your body, but eating locally is also for the environment and your community. For instance, it saves money and energy that is spend when importing produce from other places. Sharing produce with others helps them save time and money. Sharing produce with others also provides a good opportunity for you and your family to interact with people in your community.

Step It Up:

Cook a meal with your garden fresh produce and take it to someone for dinner. You can also find low-income families in your area and share your produce with them! Kids can help by delivering the produce to people in their neighborhood and community.

Keep It Simple:

Don’t have time to grow a garden? Visit a farmers market and buy local produce for your friends and family. This is still a great way to eat healthy, and it benefits your community by keeping money in your local economy.


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