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Shovel Snow for a Neighbor

It’s easy to get into the habit of not paying attention to those around you, especially if they are strangers. Starting with your neighbors, make an effort to pay more attention to others and try to anticipate their needs. Start with something simple, like shoveling show for your next-door-neighbor while you’re out shoveling your own walk.


Shoveling snow for someone is a kind, neighborly gesture that will only take an extra five or ten minutes on your part, but it is sure to make someone’s day or even their week. If you don’t currently know your neighbors, it could open a door to a new friendship with them.

Step It Up

Take one day every winter and go door-to-door with your snow shovel, introducing yourself and asking people if you can shovel their walks. You could even involve your family and friends and make it a Holiday tradition.

Keep It Simple

If there’s a person in your neighborhood who you know might have a hard time shoveling his or her walk, surprise them and wake up early and shovel it before they have a chance to. If you can’t do it every time it snows, aim to do it as often as you can. That could be once a week in the winter or once every year. No matter how often, it still counts as an act of kindness.

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