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Teach Someone a Language

Do you have a friend neighbor or classmate who is from another country and doesn’t speak very much English? Or perhaps you are from another place and speak a language other than English. Offer to help someone else learn to speak or read in your language. Meanwhile, you'll be able to learn a little of their language or more about the culture they come from.


Teaching someone else your native tongue and learning to speak theirs is a great way to better understand each other’s backgrounds and learn more about the world you live in. Next to visiting, the best way to find out about a place is to hear a personal experience from someone who has lived there. Plus, studies have shown that learning a foreign language helps students excel at other subjects.

Step It Up

Is there an organization in your community that offers English classes for immigrants? Check with your local recreation center or a nearby school to see if they offer any classes you could help out with. Or if you’re a student, find out if your school offers a “buddy program” to connect you with a student from another country.

Keep It Simple

If you have a friend, neighbor or relative who has struggled with learning English, offer to help them study once a week. Or if you speak another language and know someone who wants to learn it, ask them if they’d like you to tutor them.

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