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Large nuttin honey
Buy Raw, Local Honey
The bees are in trouble and we can help!

Make sure you read the label when you’re buying honey. Watch out for chemically-treated imported honey. Let’s all send a message to our local beekeepers that we need them! 

  • Due to the wonderment of bees we can utilize many helpful & useful items as well as yummy honey. Local bees wax candles, chapstick, and emollients. Honeycomb & pollen. Go Bees!

    Coreen Kelley

    about 1 year ago
  • Bonus: It tastes better and it's great for anyone suffering from allergies to buy LOCAL honey!

    Cathy Toth

    over 2 years ago
  • It is delicious and helps fight allergies. I use it instead of syrup on my toast.

    Dawn Crafts

    over 2 years ago
  • I will by local honey and educate others

    Terri Bailey

    almost 3 years ago
  • will start buying local raw honey

    Pat Massi

    almost 3 years ago
  • Living in Somerset, I often pass by houses with honey for sale, next time I'll stop and buy some.

    lorraine swain

    almost 3 years ago
  • Love this so much! I now go to my local farmers market every couple weeks to get a new jar of honey! (Also, it is great for allergies!)

    Molly Adele Brown

    about 3 years ago
  • I buy local honey whenever possible.

    Sabrina Willett

    over 3 years ago
  • I went bee keeping over the summer and it was the best experience, Now I am committed to buying local raw organic honey and planting flowers for bees in my backyard next spring :)

    Tsegaye Kleszczewski

    over 3 years ago
  • We cannot allow our bees to be destroyed. We have to work to support healthy bee populations when and wherever possible. Keith

    Keith Miller

    over 3 years ago

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