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Thank Your Bus or Taxi Driver

If you’ve ever ridden on a bus or in a taxi cab, you may have noticed some of the things that make being a professional driver be a stressful job. Drivers are often faced with problems on the road, such as traffic jams or poor weather conditions that are hard to drive in. But one of the hardest parts of being a driver is dealing with rude passengers who don’t appreciate the work they do.

Thank your bus or taxi driver for serving you and getting you to your destination safely, just like you would thank a friend who gave you a ride somewhere. A sincere "thank you" will show them that they are appreciated.


Bus and taxi drivers, along with others in service-related professions, often have to deal with unhappy or rude customers. By being kind and courteous to your hard-working driver, hopefully you’ll be able to make up for the bad experiences they have had with impolite customers.

Step It Up

Be extra friendly to your bus or taxi driver and start a conversation by asking how their day has been. If you ride the bus every day, chances are that you have the same bus driver. Introduce yourself and start greeting him or her by their name. You can be kind to your taxi driver by giving a generous tip to him or her.

Keep It Simple

Be courteous to your driver by remembering to say “thank you” when you get to your destination.

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about 2 months ago
I always make conversation with my taxi driver. it certainly makes mine and their day better. I was travelling back from Bluewater the other day and had a fabulous conversation about Shoes with my driver. He went on to chat about his family and the importance of shoes.. A pretty interesting conversation!
Victoria Lewis

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