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Thank Your Mail Carrier

In most of our lives, there are at least a couple people who we see on a daily basis, but don’t necessarily acknowledge because they have become so much a part of our everyday routines.

It might be the person who drives your bus every day, or someone who serves you at the coffee shop you frequent. And what about your mail carrier who braves all kinds of weather to make sure you get your mail? We don’t always stop to think about how important these people actually are to us. So when you get the chance, give these people the recognition they deserve!


Those who serve us in our daily lives are often forgotten about or taken for granted. Being kind to a stranger you see every day could be the start of a wonderful friendship!

Step It Up

Celebrate “Thank a Mail Carrier Day” on February 4th and leave a homemade treat and a card for your mail carrier as a token of your appreciation. Another way to show your gratitude is by greeting them with a hot chocolate when it’s snowing, or offering them a water bottle on a hot day. And don’t forget to shovel your walk for your mail carrier when it snows!

Keep It Simple

Just a simple “Thank you” and a smile when you receive your mail will make your mail carrier’s day!

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