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Thank Your Parents

Have you ever said "thank you" to your parents or another person who raised you for everything they have done? If not, it’s time to do so. Maybe there is a particular situation one of your parents helped you get through, or a financial struggle they helped you overcome. Or maybe you feel the need to tell them how they have inspired you or made a significant difference in your life. Surprise them with a card or letter, to let them know you appreciate them.


It’s easy to take what our family members do for us for granted, so we oftentimes forget to tell them how grateful we are for their help. When you tell your parents how thankful you are for them, you’ll certainly make their day, if not their life!

Step It Up

Write a letter to your parents or another person who has been significant in your life, describing how their love and support has helped you become who you are.

Keep It Simple

Give your parents a simple card that says “thank you.” Include a poem or inspirational quote if you wish. Or simply tell them in person or over the phone.

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