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Introduce Yourself to a New Classmate

Have you ever been new at a school? Then maybe you know what it's like to be in a new environment, around new people. Being the new kid can often be stressful or even scary. Some kids have a hard time adjusting to new schools because they are shy or aren't very good at making new friends.

Other students will often tease or make fun of their new classmates, because they are intimidated by their differences. The best thing you can do to welcome a new classmate is try to be their friend. When you have a new classmate, be friendly and offer to give him or her a tour of your school.


Being kind to new students and making them feel welcome will help them adjust to their new environment.

Step It Up

Be welcoming to your new classmate. Invite him or her to sit with you at your table at lunch and introduce them to your friends. Ask your new classmate about themselves and what their old school was like. Tell them a little bit about your school, so that he or she knows what to expect.

Keep It Simple

When you have a new classmate, welcome them to your school. Be kind to them by not judging them or making fun of them behind their back. Even a simple hello will help them feel welcome.

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