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Be a Role Model

Be a good role model for your friends, classmates and siblings. Being aware of your actions will help you set a good example to those who look up to you.

More often than not people, especially those younger than us, remember the way we react to things and the way we treat people. So when you are in the classroom, at home, or just hanging out with friends act as though there is always someone watching, and do things that you would want people to see. Be kind to others, don't interrupt, work hard at school, invite someone new to sit with you. Remembering that someone looks up to you will help you make good choices.


When you know that someone looks up to you, you are going to be more aware of your actions and decisions and you will try harder to always do the right thing. This will make you a better person! And likely the person you are a role model for will become a better person, too, as they seek to imitate the good things they see you do.

Step It Up:

Pursue the opportunity to be a role model through an organized program in your neighborhood or school. You can mentor a younger student or friend, or even someone you don't know! When you make the choice to be a positive role model through an organized program, you will find that this choice overflows into all areas of your life. You will strive to be a better person all the time; not just in the time you spend with the person you are mentoring.

Keep It Simple:

There are plenty of opportunities to be a role model; sometimes you may not even be aware that people look up to you! Often people will admire their friends or older siblings but they may not even say anything. Strive to simply be the best person you can be, and act as though there is always someone impressionable watching. People notice the way you behave--for better or for worse!

Related Resources:

Think about taking the idea of being a role model to the next step and look into these mentoring organizations: Big Brothers Big Sisters, The National Mentoring Partnership, or search for a local opportunity on the internet by typing "mentoring programs" into google.

How to be a role model for your children.

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