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Help Someone Load or Unload their Groceries

As people grow older, their body begins to slow down and they become less mobile and lose their muscle strength. Simple tasks like carrying groceries or walking up and down the stairs often become a struggle for them.

So it is the duty for those us who are younger and more physically able to help them when we can, like aiding them when they are putting their groceries in their car.


The elderly is a group of people who often get overlooked in our society, and don’t always get the respect they deserve. For the younger generations who often don’t have much contact with the elderly, it can be hard to know how to assist the elderly, while treating them with dignity and respect. Doing simple tasks for them will remind them of the fact that they are valued by others.

Step It Up

When you see an elderly person loading or unloading their groceries in a store parking lot or in front of their house, offer your assistance and help them carry their bags.

Keep It Simple

If you see that an elderly person has just finished loading their groceries into their car, offer to return their shopping cart to where it belongs. Even the smallest act of service is rewarding.

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