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Give Out Free Popsicles

Hand out free popsicles to kids in your neighborhood or on your college campus on a hot day. This is a great way to to spread kindness and to meet new people! You will be amazed at how grateful the recipients will be.


Everyone appreciates a nice cool popsicle on a hot afternoon. You will be helping people cool down and at the same time bring a smile to their face! This is a great activity to do with your kids to teach them kindness and generosity.

Step It Up:

During the warm and hot months, choose a day of the week and make it a "Free Popsicle Day" each week. Get your friends involved and have some of them help you hand them out each week. If you live in a cold weather location, consider having a "Free Hot Chocolate Day" and prepare thermoses of hot cocoa for your neighbors and classmates. Make it a routine that once a week you will give away free goodies of some sort.

Keep It Simple:

This concept can easily be applied on a smaller scale. Simply bring an extra snack with you to school or work and share it with a friend or someone new. Or bake cookies for your classmates. Bring coffee and bagels in for your coworkers. Surprise your friends, co-workers, classmates and neighbors with a special treat!

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