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Collect Canned Food for a Food Bank

Take some time out to appreciate all that you have, and also to recognize that others aren't always as fortunate. There are so many people for whom putting dinner on the table is a daunting task. Many people are struggling to find a job and provide for their family. You can help!

Go door-to-door in your neighborhood and collect canned goods to be donated to a food bank. Or organize a canned food drive at your office, school, church or the local grocery store. Every can counts!


You are helping to build a stronger community, and showing others that they matter. Through your generosity they will know that you genuinely care about how they are doing!

Step It Up:

There are so many ways to help at a Food Bank and collecting canned goods is only one of them! You can volunteer at the Food Bank itself by stocking goods, preparing meals or manning the check out counter. Every time you go grocery shopping add a couple of canned goods to your list. Make a bin at home to put the canned goods in and every time it is full, bring it to the local food bank to donate! Make kindness a regular part of your shopping.

Keep It Simple:

If you don't have time to organize a canned food drive yourself, keep your eyes and ears open for one in your neighborhood or community. There are often multiple opportunities around the holidays. Stock up at home so that when the chance arises you are prepared to donate to the food drive.

Related Resources:

Feeding America is a great resource for those who want to get involved in the US.

Check out the Global FoodBanking Network website.

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