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Send Flowers

Show someone--your mom, your wife, a friend--you love them by surprising them with flowers when they least expect it. So often flowers are sent on birthdays or anniversaries. Send flowers to your loved ones on any day!


Doing random acts kindness for those you love will make them feel appreciated.

Step It Up:

Commit to surprising the love of your life with flowers every month or so. You can mix it up, too--send flowers one month, chocolate another, perhaps a book or a magazine subscription another month. Recognize what your loved one appreciates most and send those things. Sometimes even a love note will do! The point is not to give a gift for a specific occasion, but rather just because you want them to know you love them. So mix it up and be creative! But commit to giving them something once a month.

Keep It Simple:

It doesn't have to be an extravagant bouquet. Sometimes even a single rose, daisy or sunflower will do. If you are really tight on cash and can't afford a delivery fee, send a friend to deliver the single flower for you. Your friend will love being part of the surprise, and then you can hear about how well your flower was received later!

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