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Bring Someone a Souvenir

When you take a trip, bring a souvenir home for someone who doesn't expect it. Even the smallest trinket will remind them that you care about them.

Whether you are traveling for business or for fun stop by a souvenir shop and grab a little something for your loved ones. If you forget to do it while you are out at meetings or site-seeing, you could even pick something up at the airport on your return trip home.


Your loved ones will know you were thinking about them while you were traveling. Picking up souvenirs for friends and family can make trips away from home more meaningful.

Step It Up:

If you travel frequently, souvenirs can start to add up! Make it a tradition to always get the same type of souvenir and your loved one can collect key chains or teddy bears from around the world. Look into frequent flier miles with the airline you use most. Come home with a souvenir and a promise to take your loved one(s) with you next time!

Keep It Simple:

Traveling in and of itself can be quite expensive; if you aren't able to spend much on a souvenir or if you don't have much room in your luggage, just send a postcard! They are affordable and most hotels can help you with proper postage. Everyone enjoys getting mail from a foreign place!

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