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Be a Designated Driver

Drunk driving is a tough subject that many of us don't like to discuss. But it's an important topic, because one drunk driver could change the lives of many people. Maybe you know someone or know of someone who has been injured or killed by a drunk driver. Keep your friends safe by offering them a sober ride home when they need it. Before you go out with your friends make it a habit to always discuss who will be driving home. Volunteer to be the designated driver to ensure that you and your friends will make it home safely !


Being the one to step up and take the initiative to be a designated sober driver could prevent a dangerous accident.

Step It Up:

Volunteer to be the designated driver every time you go out! Also let your friends know that  they can always call you to come and get them if they need a safe ride home, even if you had decided to stay home that night. Or if you are hosting a party collect car keys at the door and don't give them back to your friends who leave unless they have not been drinking.

Keep It Simple:

Be responsible; you can always take a cab and pick up your car later if need be. Or look into public transportation options to get you to and from a friend's house or restaurant. There is never an excuse for driving under the influence. Or, if you are hosting, let your friends know they are welcome to spend the night if they need to! They can drive home in the morning once they are sober.

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