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Pick Up your Toys

If you’ve ever stepped on a LEGO that was left on the floor, or tripped over a Barbie doll, you know how something as simple as putting away a toy can make a big difference.

So make it easier for those around you by putting things away when you are finished using them.


Picking up after yourself can keep someone from tripping over something you left on the floor. Putting things away after you use them, toys, CDs or games will also likely help you avoid the confrontations you may have with your parents if you just left them laying around. Next time you pick up your toys without being asked to by your parents, they are certainly going to be impressed!

Step It Up

Pick up your toys and other belongings as soon as you are through using them, every time! If you’re at a friend’s house, be sure to put away things you have played with, or even help your friends pick up the toys they have played with. Parents can help their kids with clean-up by providing adequate space and storage that will make putting away toys an easier task.

Keep It Simple

If you forget to pick up your toys when you are through with using them, make sure you at least pick them up when your parents ask you to. Or at school, put away your toys and games when your teacher asks you to.

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