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Thank Your Police or Fire Department

Stop and take a minute to think about all the work our police and fire departments do in your community. Every day, hundreds of men and women risk their lives to make sure that we are safe. How impressive is that? Why not tell these people how thankful you are for their services?


Not only do police officers and firefighters go out of their way keep communities and their members safe from crime and accidents, they also provide our communities with other services, such as safety education. By thanking the teams and individuals who work hard to keep us safe, you’ll be encouraging them to continue the work they do.

Step It Up

Send a card your local police or fire department, thanking them for the work they do. Go the extra mile by getting your entire community to sign it! Or, if you have recently been aided by a police officer or firefighter, send them a personalized card, thanking them specifically for what they did for you.

Keep It Simple

There are often misunderstandings about police officers and unfortunately, many people question how they benefit the community. When you hear someone say something negative about the police department, stand up for those who serve you and remind that person that they risk their lives for him or her every day.

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4 months ago
I just wanna say Thank You to the police and fir departments for keeping us safe in the community.
Mariah Blumer

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