Kindness Ideas

Start an Exercise Routine
Taking care of your body is the most important thing you can do for yourself

Whether it's three times a week, once a week or even five minutes a day, taking care of you will help you reach your full potential. Go on a bike ride, a hike, run, play a sport, walk around the block, swim, rollerblade, do yoga, the possibilities are endless.


I just wanna say Thank You to the police and fir departments for keeping us safe in the community.
about 6 years ago

I'm committing to meditating for 20 minutes a day; first thing in the morning is usually best because it sets the tone and intention for the rest of my day!
over 5 years ago

I am committing to being active so I can be happy and healthy. This may mean hiking, walking, biking... Whatever gets me moving and excited to go about my day!
7 months ago

I walk with my family 30 mins a sunny day!
5 months ago