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Return a Shopping Cart

There are many small things we can do in our daily lives that make other people’s lives easier. An example of this is to serve those who serve us.

Instead of leaving your shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot when you're at the grocery store, make someone's job easier by returning it to where it belongs. It is a small act that doesn’t take a lot of thought or energy, but your consideration and respect will be greatly appreciated!


It’s the little things that strangers do that can often make us the happiest. A friendly smile from someone you walk past; a stranger who holds a door open for you. These are some of the small things that we may not think of when they happen. But when you look back, the small things are what inspire us to perform kind acts for others. Maybe you returning your shopping cart will inspire the person who is benefited by it to do something kind for someone else.

Step It Up

Next time you are at the grocery store or shopping center, return not only your own shopping cart, but go out of your way to gather other shopping carts around you and push them back into the store. Or when you see an abandoned cart in your apartment complex or nearby alley, return it to the nearest grocery store.

Keep It Simple

After you unload your groceries into your car, return your shopping cart to the nearest cart rack. This is not only a kind act to the caddy whose job is to gather the carts, but also to your fellow customers, who won’t have to dodge carts when they’re trying to park or maneuver around the parking lot.

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