Kindness Ideas

Set Goals For Yourself
Whether its for today or the next five years, we all have goals we want to reach.

Create a list of goals for the day, the week, the year. You have an immense amount of potential and can achieve more than you can imagine. First step is reminding yourself of that. 


When I was 13 I borrowed $10 from a friend. He moved away and I never had a chance to pay him back. He completely did not remember but I did and gave him $50. He was broke and needed money. Helping people felt good so I recently decided to make a goal to reach out to everyone I have come across to thank them for being in my life and offer to help them in some kind of way.

FEBRUARY 17, 2022
@Florence Birmingham you said it best and life is definitely passing me by because I have no plan!

NOVEMBER 26, 2021
This is something I need to see right this minute.

JUNE 1, 2021
Time goes by so quickly. If we are not careful, much time will go by without accomplishment. To make each blessing of a day of life count, it helps to have a plan.

FEBRUARY 10, 2021
I want to start getting into a schedule like trying to wake up early and do a small exercise just to be awake in the morning, also eat a healthy breakfast ,and do all my school work and maybe practice dance for school , clean and then just lay on bed and chill

JANUARY 28, 2021
I just joined and I already have 1 million ideas! I think I'll start by helping my siblings with their schoolwork.

JANUARY 22, 2021
My goal this year is to start a club at my college for promoting discussion and dialogue and community support.

NOVEMBER 18, 2020
Look people in the eye and smile. Try and find something encouraging to everyone.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2020
Eating habits need to be better than has been as lost appetite over last 4 years hard looking after the children But impo to look after myself properly so I can look after others around me family and friends and other people that needs h and advice

FEBRUARY 24, 2020
Eat healthy Exercise Think positive Charity begin at home

FEBRUARY 21, 2020
Become a better friend to my coworkers

FEBRUARY 20, 2020
Created a list of goals to accomplish in the next 5 yrs

FEBRUARY 19, 2020
I have a list of 50 things to try / accomplish by my 50th birthday.

FEBRUARY 5, 2020
Be kind to myself.

DECEMBER 10, 2019
Have a set of organized goals and divide the goal into a timeline and be on time for each goals. To remind yourself have a post it notes in your personal desk or in your personal computer.

MAY 11, 2017
Exercise everyday cook and eat healthy meals lose 20 pounds volunteer one day a week write a novel run 2 miles without stopping meditate and pray everyday Say "I love you" to Darrin everyday!

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