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Read to the Elderly

Living a long life is a great gift to those who receive it. There are many gratifying things that come along with old age.

Many people look forward to experiencing a slower lifestyle, a relaxing retirement, the joy of being able to meet their children’s children and the satisfaction of greater knowledge and understanding. But, the not-so-good aspects of aging, such as loss of mobility and loss of vision can be very frustrating. Take some time to share a book with an elderly person who may not be able to see or read alone.


Not only will you be making someone happy, but you can learn a lot about life from someone who has lived much longer than you. Perhaps they will be able to tell you their own stories, about things they witnessed in their lifetimes.

Step It Up

“Adopt” a grandparent at a local retirement or nursing home or an elderly neighbor to visit with and read to weekly.

Keep It Simple

If you can’t make a time commitment to reading a book to someone every week, just make the effort to simply visit or call someone in a nursing or retirement community who you think might appreciate the interaction.

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