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Make a New Friend Today

Introduce yourself to a stranger and strike up a conversation. Or, perhaps there is someone you've seen occasionally on the bus or in the neighborhood. Ask them how they're doing.

Make a new friend today!  Whether you are in school, at work, playing a new sport, or studying at a coffee shop, go out of your way to say hello to someone new and start a conversation. Volunteer to show someone the ropes at school or at work.  Get out of your comfort zone and say "hi!"


Everyone knows what it is like to be the new person at school, on the block, at work, or on the team.  Maybe you are the new person right now.  No matter which side of the situation you are on, it means a lot to have someone help you out and take that first step of saying hello.  Reach out today--you might just make a new friend!

Step It Up:

Make a goal for yourself: talk to one new person everyday this week. If it is someone you see often on your commute in the morning, pursue a conversation each time you see them.  Or if it is someone at school sitting by themselves, invite them to come sit with you. Commit to speaking with one new person everyday for a week.

Keep It Simple:

This can be a very daunting idea, particularly if you are a shy person.  Try to commit to speaking with one new person this week.  You could even send someone an email or simply smile at someone new and see if they start a conversation. Just be open to meeting someone new!

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