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Help Someone with Yard Work

Doing yard work can be a very tiring task, especially for someone who is elderly or has a physical disability. It can also be time-consuming, which might make it hard for someone who works several jobs or who has small children to maintain their yard. Why not help a family member, friend or neighbor with a chore like raking leaves, mowing the lawn, cleaning the deck or doing another task?


Sometimes just an extra hand to help with something like yard work can make someone’s life easier. Helping someone with chores is a great free way to let them know you care about them. Plus, just knowing that you’ve helped someone can be extremely gratifying.

Step It Up

If you want to go the extra mile, you can volunteer your services to the elderly or disabled in your neighborhood one day every month. Gather a team of friends to help you.

Keep It Simple

Kids can help their parents by being willing to do chores like raking the leaves, without complaining or procrastinating.

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