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Clean Up Graffiti

Cleaning up graffiti in your neighborhood or a poorer neighborhood near you is a simple way to give back to your community.


Many areas don't have the financial support or the volunteer needed to rid their communities of offensive vandalism to public and private property. Some cities offer programs for volunteers to help get rid of graffiti or supply spray paint to volunteers who offer to cover graffiti. You can help your neighbors by keeping their surroundings beautiful!

Step It Up

Improve your neighborhood by spending a couple hours cleaning up graffiti. Invite a friend or neighbor to help you. Or, organize a group in your neighborhood to take turns ridding your community of graffiti.

Keep It Simple

Keep a lookout for graffiti in your neighborhood and call the City to alert them about graffiti that needs to be removed.

Related Resources

  • Visit to look at your local government's website and find out if they offer a graffiti-cleaning program.
  • Find out what one man in Orlando is doing to clean up graffiti in his community: "Man on mission to clean up graffiti."

  • Click here for tips on graffiti removal.

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