Kindness Ideas

Donate Used Books to a Library
Give the Gift of Literacy

Do you have some books collecting dust on a shelf? Why not pack them up and take them to the local library? Local libraries can often use the books in their current circulation or sell them during a "Book Sale" to raise money for the library. 

We know it makes you look smart to have a bunch of books on the bookshelves at home, but you'll look even cooler when you're being alturistic. And, you can pick up a new book while you're at the library!


DECEMBER 8, 2020
Also veteran hospitals.... after COVID of course

JANUARY 2, 2018
My school never actually had a library, so I adopted an old office space and helped turn it into a reading room for the elementary students. Not only did I donate several boxes of my own old books, but I worked as a student volunteer librarian for over a year and founded the Library Club, where high schoolers can take care of our elementary students' literary needs.

FEBRUARY 8, 2017
Many local nursing homes, shelters and other places also have lending libraries that are heavily used by folks who do not have transportation or cannot get out and about very easily. This week I donated some books to a library used by employees at a National Park, since the nearest library is a few hours away. Sharing the joy of reading is always a joy!

JANUARY 9, 2017
Most libraries will take books any time. Some have specific times when to donate. Call your local public library to find out what their book donation policy. Children's books are often in big demand. So, share the love of books and spread the joy around!

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