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Be Kind To Your Server

Introducing: the waiter rule

“How others treat the CEO says nothing, they say. But how others treat the waiter is like a magical window into the soul.” - Del Jones

Have you ever heard of "The Waiter Rule"? Basically it says that the way someone treats the wait staff at a restaurant shows how they often feel about, and treat, those who are perceived to be of a lower status. On the other hand, those who are kind, considerate and appreciative of their wait staff are often happier and more successful in their lives.

Make a little effort to make eye contact with the person serving you. Smile. Ask how they are doing. They are often dealing with many things 'behind the scenes' both personally and in their job that the customer never knows about. Be compassionate if your food doesn't come out as quickly as you'd like. Sometimes that's because they are short-staffed or the cooks are backed up in the kitchen. And, make sure to tip your server (where geographically appropriate). They live on those tips!

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2 months ago
Besides working in the family car business, I've always waited tables through college and I even work in a restaurant a few days a week now.. I know first hand how rude and hurtful the public can be to their server..I like to talk (not to the point where I disturb their meal), but I'm always smiling. Sometimes when asking if they need anything, the entire table sits quietly not a word from anyone!! They just stare as If I'm speaking a foreign language. Oh and I live in one of those towns where everyone knows everyone else so I have definitely been made to feel like I was beneath those I'm serving. As if I'm their own personal server. I now take these experiences with me and am not only very kind to my server, but to all store or restaurant employees
April Cole

about 1 year ago
I have been a server for over 15 years, I am also a high school teacher. I love serving people. I love making people happy when they come into my restaurant or my classroom. Being kind to your server is so important. I've worked many times with something heavy weighing in my heart or mind, but I've always gone into work at the restaurant because people's energy really pick up your spirit. Being kind to your server really effects them, so take the time out to tell them what a great job they did or how much you appreciate their positive energy, mood or spirit. =)
Stephanie Nemeth

about 1 year ago
Love this so much! Servers work really hard and being kind to them is not only the right thing to do, it is also a great way to exponentially spread kindness. Most servers are naturally attuned to people's moods and absorb your positive energy. When you are kind to them it can ripple over all of their tables for the rest of the day.
Margaret Alsbrook

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