Kindness Ideas

Cheer On a Teammate
Cheering on a fellow teammate can have a bigger impact than you might expect...

Who doesn't appreciate a little extra encouragement?! Cheering on another teammate will not only support your team but give additional confidence to your fellow teammates and friends.


Great to do! At my granddaughter's t-ball games everyone is clapping for all the kids. No matter who's team they are on!! So awesome to see the smiles it brings to everyone.
almost 4 years ago

I had a showcase with my cheer team in my community last month. I made an encouraging poster for a teammate who has been struggling the past few weeks. I gave it to her before we did our routine. She was so surprised and it made her so happy! I stayed for an extra 4 hours to volunteer to help the other teams before they performed and encouraged them before they did their routine, cheered them on and then congratulated them when finished. It was a phenomenal day!
6 months ago