Kindness Ideas

Bake Someone A Cake
Mmmmm.. cake.

We've never known a person who isn't happy to see cake! (Well, except those who might have an allergy or those who prefer pie.) Baking is a great way to take some "me time" or bond with a child or family member. And, at the end of the process you'll have a beautiful treat to share with someone who might need a little cheering up! There are about a thousand reasons to bake a cake... forget the birthday and bake a cake for a made up holiday like "You're Awesome Day!"  


I'm a pie maker. It's often the way I connect with people if they're sick, home from the hospital, its their birthday.
over 5 years ago

I like to bake a cake on a Sunday to take to work the next day to show them that I appreciate them and to help everyone have a great Monday.
almost 5 years ago

I love this. Will make a cake with my twins this weekend for their Papa
over 3 years ago

I just had a confection oven installed. Can't wait to get back to baking.
over 3 years ago

I love spoiling my team at work with some cake :-)
over 3 years ago

I love to bake cupcakes. I often bake things for my Sunday school class.
over 3 years ago

I always try to surprise my co workers with baked goods. For the past 3 years I participate in a fundraiser for The Great American Heart Run Walk bake sale. I make Sweetheart cakes, 6 inch Chocolate Canolli filled Cakes. Started out making a dozen the first year, this year I made 33 cakes. My cakes alone raised close to $350. for the cause.
over 2 years ago

Great idea!
10 months ago