Kindness Ideas

Write Positive Sticky Notes
A simple and quick way to bright up someone's day

Grab a stack of sticky notes and spend five minutes writing positive statements on them. Then place the sticky notes anywhere that needs a little kindness like an office, a bus stop, a gas pump, a parked car, a hallway, or hidden around your home!

Here are a few phrases to get you started:

  • You know who’s awesome? Read that first word again.
  • Throw kindness around like confetti.
  • Hey, you’re great.
  • One kind word can change someone’s entire day.
  • Be the reason someone smiles today.
  • Psst…you’re awesome.


OCTOBER 1, 2021
I LOVE THIS IDEA!! In fact I started doing this today in school by writing notes for my friends and putting them their lockers

APRIL 19, 2021
I can't wait to go back t school and try this out on a larger scale! :D

APRIL 22, 2020
I write a bunch out with a positivity Blurb and keep them in my visor so I am prepared ☺️

FEBRUARY 21, 2020
I left several positive sticky notes throughout the office.

FEBRUARY 16, 2020
At work I created a Kindness Inspiration Corner. It is right inside the doors as you walk in. It has positive quotes, happiness cards, and photos that bring a smile to peoples faces. As people walk by they are allowed to take any of the sayings, photos, cards with them for themselves or someone they know that might need something to brighten their day. They are also encouraged to leave notes for others. It has begun a wonderful ripple effect throughout our offices.

FEBRUARY 9, 2020

FEBRUARY 4, 2020
This is so awesome! I made some and placed them all around my house for my family members to find. They loved finding them just as much as I loved making them!

APRIL 25, 2019
I work at a library with a printing press in the basement. I leave sticky notes for the print master. He is an old scottish man with a handle bar mustache that has been printing books for over 50 years!! he trains apprentices and is overall just wonderful!

MARCH 20, 2019
I put positive quotes on post its on my office door that everyone needs to go through! Everyone love s them!

MARCH 17, 2019
I leave little thank you where ever I go,it takes so many people to get things done, I’ve seen waitresses hug the note. Or neighbors smile when the get a sweet, I 💜 u

MARCH 5, 2019
I leave random messages to people I work with all the time - The other day I witnessed someone I left a message for crying....when I asked her what was wrong -She said she came in and saw the message and after having a hard troubling day that was exactly what she needed. Made me feel amazing. That I was able to make her day end with a great feeling. I didn't tell her it was me.

FEBRUARY 28, 2019
I'd like to set my students a challenge to write one positive sticky note and give it to someone who they really admire and care for.

FEBRUARY 9, 2019
I like to tell people to protect environment and love nature

NOVEMBER 27, 2018
This is an amazing idea!

NOVEMBER 15, 2018
My 3rd graders did this on World Kindness day 2018 by writing post it notes to teachers saying what we were grateful for. My students decided one day was not enough so we are now doing it every day and including students!!

NOVEMBER 12, 2018
I love this! I am going to incorporate this more with my work team

NOVEMBER 5, 2018
Sometimes I live notes on the desktop for my colleagues to make them smile=)

NOVEMBER 2, 2018
This is such a great idea that is so easy! Can't wait to do this!

MAY 28, 2018
Being kind is so.dang.easy. And this is a great example of how easy (& cheap) it is to be kind. I opened up a fresh pack of sticky notes I had lying around my house & divided them into 5 stacks. I had 90 sticky notes, so each day (five days) I put 18 out. I never went out of my way to post sticky notes. I felt it was more natural to leave them places I was going that given day. I left them in stores, unwritten notebooks, bathrooms, dressing rooms (ex sticky note message: Girl those clothes look good on you!), restaurants, gas pumps, city street benches, & much much more!!

APRIL 7, 2018
I do this whenever I visit my old place. A youth care centre. They love it

FEBRUARY 11, 2018
This is a great idea..I'm starting this today!!

JANUARY 2, 2018
Sometimes, when I notice someone is upset,stressed, or in need of encouragement, I leave an anonymous note in their locker with an inspirational quote or compliment.

OCTOBER 18, 2017
I love leaving innocuous notes in public places where no one would expect to be cheered up!

AUGUST 22, 2017
I keep sticky notes and pens in my handbag at all times so I can leave notes while I'm out. This is one of my favorite acts of kindness! :)

AUGUST 9, 2017
I love doing this in libraries and bathrooms :)

AUGUST 3, 2017
I like to put sticky notes on mirrors in women's bathrooms telling them they are beautiful.

MARCH 24, 2017
My friends and I are gonna go around school when there's no one in the halls and put positive sticky notes on everyone's locker so when they all go to their locker, they'll all be surprised!

FEBRUARY 9, 2017
We are gearing up for Random Kindness Week 2017 - 12-18 February. A few years ago our office started the write a positive sticky note. It is a cool moment to see the kindness around you in the office.

FEBRUARY 9, 2017
You can put bookmarks with positive and kindness quotes in library books too!

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